About Us

Quantlab Wealth is a professionally managed Technology driven Financial and Wealth Management company which is into strategising and development of Alpha Generation Algo based strategie's in various asset classes like Equity, Derivative, Currency, Commodity etc in the Indian capital markets. Strategie's are basically Algorithmic Logics or rules or mathematical calculations that read market data and reacts on them to generate trading Signals using pre-defined rules. Strategie's may involve Technical /Fundamental or Quantitative Analysis or other Alternative Data such as Open Interest, Volatility which is used to maximize returns on portfolio using automation to save time & effort in realizing long term financial goals. We also offer service's in development of custom algorithms along with back-testing, model validation and automated order routing which connects to Exchange via Trading APIs (Bridges)..

Our Mission

Quantlab shall provide the advisory in relation to wealth management and financial education to clients through extensive research and analysis with special emphasis on customised automation and algorithms used for developing users trading and investment strategies synchronized together for achieving long term financial goals of the user and maximising returns on the investments.